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The living jewels  of  the Costa Rican forest.

Contact the experts to see them in the wild...!


Frogs and toads hop, swim, crawl and climb across all continents except Antarctica. Their variety and diversity increases as you move from the colder regions towards the equator. It is the warm humid tropical forest realms that have the greatest number of species. Here, in this moist and near constant temperature, species have evolved and specialized over thousands of years. Frogs fill a variety of niches, nooks and crannies, from typical pond and streams, the forest leaf litter, to the canopy.

Costa Rica lies squarely in the tropics, at a crossroads connecting North and South America. This "rich coast" country, is bordered to the east by the warm Caribbean, and the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west by the Pacific Ocean. In between these coasts, lie lowland jungles, mountain forest draped in mosses, alpine tundra, and dry forest--and all adorned with anurans (frogs and toads that is).

Costa Rica hosts 193 species of frogs and toads placed into 14 families. Frogs and toads together form the Order Anura. This is where the term anurans comes from, just another way of saying those amphibians without tails, the "frogs and toads".


 One of our main goals is to bring people into closer proximity to this beautiful animals. This will enhance human understanding of frogs fragility and their enviromentals needs, Once one gets to know the frogs, one cannot help but admire them and lend support.  

 The better we get to know our fellow creatures, the more we can love them and protect them...!


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